A Plot of Earth = A Child’s Haven

 A Plot of Earth - February 20th blog prompt from 365 Days of Writing Prompts, a WordPress eBook. Well, I am back! After a nearly 2 year hiatus, I have returned to infuse energy into this PLAY-ful blog. Feeling a bit rusty and faced with writer's block, I turn to my "Go-To" creative source of … Continue reading A Plot of Earth = A Child’s Haven

Zensory Experiences in Nature – ZENs Now Available!

ZENs’ creative writing and reflective journal format focuses on assisting children and adults in developing their senses, identifying their emotions, and articulating what and how they sense and feel on a deeper personal level, through intentionally planned experiences in Nature.

My Lavender Harvesting ZEN – Zensory Experiences in Nature (ZENs)

My Lavender Harvesting ZEN. An example of a Zensory Experience in Nature. ZENs - fostering spiritual development in young children and adults. Connect with me to learn more about my ZENs project and mission! Facebook: Zententional Living, LinkedIn: LindseyAnn, Instagram: @zententionalliving

ZENs – Zensory Experiences in Nature: An Innovative Approach to Nature-based Learning

So what is ZENs, exactly? ZENs has been penned to enable parents and/or teachers an easy format for assisting their children in creating a personal connection to Nature and our natural resources. As its name implies, ZENs focuses on experiencing Nature in a mindful and fully aware state. Children, parents, and teachers can begin to … Continue reading ZENs – Zensory Experiences in Nature: An Innovative Approach to Nature-based Learning

Imagine A Garden…

A garden for children ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten A garden that nurtures through nature, the mind, body, and Spirit of children and their families A garden in which children and families engage in transformational learning by connecting to our natural world A garden that enriches the mind, nourishes the body, and cultivates the Spirit … Continue reading Imagine A Garden…

Edu-PLAY-tion: Beach, a Poem

Beach: In the Style of a Poem Young children create magic, encounter wonder Waves of water crash as thunder Sand becomes paper, a stick the pencil, waves the eraser   A treasure trove of shells, replenished by each wave Lay in the sand awaiting to be saved Choosing carefully those placed in the pail   … Continue reading Edu-PLAY-tion: Beach, a Poem

Edu-PLAY-tion: Step Away from the Screen and Into the Green: 5 Family Resources for Increasing Green Time

There is so much researched published on the detriments to children who spend the majority of their time engrossed in screen activity. More and more statistics are being released on the disparity between active hours and sedentary hours; it is an astoundingly expanding chasm of time. Many of the screen activities involve children pretending to … Continue reading Edu-PLAY-tion: Step Away from the Screen and Into the Green: 5 Family Resources for Increasing Green Time

Edu-PLAY-tion: Awe is Awesome

I read an interesting article in Parade today. Its title “Feeling Awe May Be the Secret to Health and Happiness”  caught my eye, as did the magazine’s cover photo promoting the article. In the article, psychologist Dacher Keltner, of the University of California, Berkeley’s Social Interaction Lab, defines awe as “…the feeling of being in … Continue reading Edu-PLAY-tion: Awe is Awesome

Edu-PLAY-tion: H2O, a Photo Blog

via Photo Challenge: H2O Water Play!! Has your Outdoor Water Play become Stale?                                   If so, Bing, Google, or Pinterest "Outdoor Water Play" to inject more excitement, wonder, exploration, and discovery into your environment. The children will thank you … Continue reading Edu-PLAY-tion: H2O, a Photo Blog

Edu-PLAY-tion: STEAM- Learning Through Nature-Based Play

Search the internet for "Nature-based Play in Young Children" and your search will result in pages of articles, websites, and images that could take you hours to peruse. Much research has been conducted on the benefits of play in young children; even more such research is now focusing on nature-based play. Thanks to authors and … Continue reading Edu-PLAY-tion: STEAM- Learning Through Nature-Based Play