A Plot of Earth = A Child’s Haven

 A Plot of Earth – February 20th blog prompt from 365 Days of Writing Prompts, a WordPress eBook.

Well, I am back! After a nearly 2 year hiatus, I have returned to infuse energy into this PLAY-ful blog. Feeling a bit rusty and faced with writer’s block, I turn to my “Go-To” fieldcreative source of inspiration 🙂

Thank you WordPress!

Now…let’s dig in, shall we?

The prompt’s challenge: “You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?”

As clear as a crystal stream, and hoping one runs through our plot of earth – and if not, I’d ask for a plot that does include one; but I digress – the plan is to place a child on this plot of earth, sit back, and watch the magic happen. After all, this blog is devoted to restoring play in childhood and early learning, especially play in nature  – see my About page for clarity ;).

Now, “with the financial resources to do what we please”, the questions is…

What do we please to do with the financial resources?

Do we develop the plot of earth? If so, what does that look like?

Do we develop the entire plot of earth or only parts of the plot?

Do we allow the earth to remain as is? If so, are we forfeiting the financial resources, or 2are we allocating the money for enhancing and extending the child’s play?

What types of enhancements would we want to add?

Who’s input would you seek?

The community?

The child’s?

The parents?

What other questions do we ask?

How would you answer the questions we have posited?

Babble on…

I could babble on like the clear stream that runs through our plot of earth; however, I am hoping that this post sparks some dialogue in the comments as to how you would treat 12this gift of land. Perhaps include who the child is that you envision playing on this plot of earth.

Earth Play Dates – “The Earth has music for those who listen.” – Reginald Vincent Holmes

And now, I leave for you a few short poems, taken from my book, Zensory Experiences in Nature: Intentional Nature Dates to Nurture Mind, Body, and Soul: A Creative Writing and Reflective Journaling Program for Zententional Living, to spark inspiration, imagination, awe, wonder, and magic!

Dirt – 

Sifting through our hands

Earth bequeaths, nurtures all life

Grounding souls and feet

Mud – 

Wet; warm or cool

Squishy body paint 5

By hands, fingers, toes





Clay – 

Wet, cold and sticky

Dry, cakey and heavy

Rolling balls of white, grey, brown, orange, or red between palms







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