Zensory Experiences in Nature – ZENs Now Available!

I am so excited to announce that my new book, Zensory Experiences in Nature: Intentional Nature Dates to Nurture Mind, Body, and Soul  is now available on Lulu.

untitledZENs has been developed to enable parents and/or teachers, and counselors, an easy format for assisting their children, or other adults, in creating a personal connection to Nature and our natural resources. ZENs focuses on experiencing Nature in a mindful state. Children, parents, and teachers can begin to develop an appreciation, reverence, and affinity for our natural world through ZENs.

ZENs’ creative writing and reflective journal format focuses on assisting children and adults in developing their senses, identifying their emotions, and articulating what and pexels-photo-235990bhow they sense and feel on a deeper personal level, through intentionally planned experiences in Nature.

Through ZENs, children, parents, and teachers begin to develop their spirituality, a personal sense of aesthetics, and a deeper understanding of themselves, as emphasis is placed on individual interpretation of what is beautiful and pleasing to each, through sensory exploration in Nature.

The resources in the Appendices are provided to assist participants and facilitators in planning, preparing,  and implementing successful ZENs. You will find books, websites, and more to facilitate your nature outings.

pexels-photo-301614aZENs is appropriate for all ages, from infants to adults. It can be utilized by parents, teachers, and counselors; even individuals looking for a tool for spiritual development with Nature.

It’s flexible format allows the facilitator, parent, teacher, or individual to tweak it’s implementation to suit the group and ages of participants.

Visit Lulu to learn more and to purchase copies for your classroom and family.



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