My Lavender Harvesting ZEN – Zensory Experiences in Nature (ZENs)

Spikes of purple beads atop a slender stalk of green4541609818316.jpeg
Fragrant and sticky, the silver frosted leaves
Scent the fingers, delight the nasal palate



How I feel
20171014_1218371980325751.jpgCalm – at peace – grateful – thankful – in awe of nature and its beauty


These words don’t come close to expressing that which can truly only be felt




What I feel
Sticky, firm leaves on plants – cool mud, soft and malleable – the soft beads of lavender – delicate stems – cool air on my body – knees pressing on hard clumps of dirt and rocks – feet navigate uneven soil – a muddy dog kiss on my forehead 🙂


What I hear
Geese by the pond – 1 goose calls to a flock flying over the cornfield, they answer – a horse whinnies in a neighbor’s field – the clopping of horse hooves on a nearby road – the faint buzz of a slowly dying bee


What I see 
Geese on the pond – a heron flies from the pond – mud covered Great Danes romping in the field – mud covered jeans and boots


Today the field is sparsely manned with bees, dying off, no longer flying strong from flower to flower but barely able to crawl – a few bees lay by the plants twitching with their last bit of life – last week the bees were rambunctious and prolific as the temps were in the 80’s, yet docile and accommodating to our pruning


“Haven’t seen my little field mouse buddy for about a month now, probably ended up hawk food” – the reality of the circle of life – bees die off and field mice feed hawks


A collection of rocks now toppled but once a balanced cairn – caterpillars navigating the blooms and stems – butterflies alighting on the purple spikes


What I smell
Lavender, ahhh yes lavender, wafting from the plants and my fingers – mud, fresh mud – and yes dog poop 😉 as we walk from the field to the greenhouse


What I taste
Cool fresh water from my water bottle – mud on the water bottle spout


Colors I see
20171014_121850717956777.jpgRows of green plants with purple spikes arising – tree foliage of orange, rust, green, yellow, brown, burgundy – fields of corn now brown – green grass – brown earth


Textures I feel
Sticky, firm, bristly plant leaves – beads of lavender fallen from the plant spikes rolling between my fingers – smooth vinyl ground cloth underneath my knees – the wicker basket handle in my hand


How I want to enhance this experience next time:20171004_123712983903424.jpg
I want to bring along a magnifying glass to get up close and personal with the blooms, plant leaves, bees, caterpillars, butterflies, rocks


I want to focus on patterns that I see – changes occurring in the lavender as it dries out in the greenhouse –








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