Imagine A Garden…

rocksA garden for children ages 6 weeks through Kindergarten

A garden that nurtures through nature, the mind, body, and Spirit of children and their families

A garden in which children and families engage in transformational learning by connecting to our natural world

A garden that enriches the mind, nourishes the body, and cultivates the Spirit through meaningful experiences, organic food, breathing, and meditation

Imagine a Garden…magic-door

Rooted in compassion, gratitude, kindness, and generosity

A garden where speaking the truth, and respecting life, mind, body, and property are revered

A garden where personal reflection is emphasized while engaged with the natural world

A garden where children and families learn gardening and green living practices

Blue Hen Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OhioImagine a Garden…

A garden where children learn the foundational building blocks of becoming globally aware citizens, practicing acceptance of diversity, collaboration between diverse cultures, sustainability education, and care for the earth and humanity

A garden where the spiritual and aesthetic development of children are nurtured

A garden where commitment to cultural diversity, family and community partnerships, and team member partnerships are valued

A garden that creates a collaborative effort to provide the highest quality educational and care experience for families, children, and team members

Imagine a Garden…th5

A garden with green roofing, green wall(s), solar panels, and rain barrels

A garden in which you cultivate and grow your garden within

A garden full of Magic, Dreams, Imagination, Creativity, Possibilities


Close your eyes and Imagine…

Just Imagine!

4 thoughts on “Imagine A Garden…

  1. Reblogged this on The Inner MIRROR and commented:

    Just Imagine!! A Garden that Cultivates the Garden Within while cultivating gardens in the outer world! A Magical place for young children to develop spiritually as well as cognitively. Close you eyes. Just Imagine the possibilities!



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