Book Review: Our Father (in other words)

This past week I had the very distinct pleasure of sitting down with the author of the children’s book, Our Father (in other words), Penn Ketchum. I asked him to bring a copy of wp-1488734780053.jpghis book because admittedly I had not yet had the chance to get my hands on one and I very much wanted to read it. He obliged, giving it to me as a gift! Thank You!!

Mostly, I wanted to hear Penn’s story of his journey from concept to book in hopes of learning a few things to take along with me on my journey and learning what potholes in the road to avoid. Our chat was delightful and insightful, for both of us!

Upon returning home, I eagerly sat down to read his book. Barely into the first few pages, I realized just how beautiful and unique this work is.

Simplistic and Elegant. Traditional and Contemporary. Finite and Infinite. Static and Dynamic. Dedicated to Us and a Gift for Someone.

Simplistic in design and concept yet elegant in feel that I cannot explain in words. More of an internal feeling than physical touch.

Traditional presentation of The Lord’s Prayer, one verse to a page. Contemporary choice of alternative words that spaciously surround the prayer words. The artwork is powerful, profoundly leading the adult to a higher level of contemplation, yet mystic and simplistic to engage the child’s curiosity and imagination.

Finite in its presentation of The Lord’s Prayer. Infinite in the possibilities of each reader’s unique “other words” to add to its pages.15319101_774517649364964_1212109667450554368_n

Static, as all books are an unchanging form of art. Dynamic in its request to write your own “other words” in the “blank spaces,” creating personal meaning and connection.

Dedicated to the collective Us by Penn. A Gift for Someone as Penn has realized his book has become.

Later that evening I had dinner with my friend Lynn, and I shared Our Father (in other words) with her, and as she paged through the book, she kept praising its beauty. She suggested it would be a great Christening/Baptism gift and I agreed, adding that it would also be a beautiful gift to celebrate a First Communion or Confirmation.

Whether you find comfort in the traditional Lord’s Prayer, or you are looking for a more contemporary or more personal connection to the prayer, or you are looking for a fun and meaningful book to introduce these powerful words to children, sincerely consider Our Father (in other words) as a gift for yourself and for someone you love.

Our Father (in other words) is available on Amazon or by visiting



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