Edu-PLAY-tion: Beach, a Poem

Beach: In the Style of a Poem

Young children create magic, encounter wonder

Waves of water crash as thunder

Sand becomes paper, a stick the pencil, waves the eraser



A treasure trove of shells, replenished by each wave

Lay in the sand awaiting to be saved

Choosing carefully those placed in the pail



Castles fit for kings, created by young hands

Sculpted meekly, with gritty, moist sands

Shells, stones, wood, beautifully embellish


Running toward the waves, eager to approach

Running away, waves closer to their feet encroach3

Apprehensive of this rhythmic dance


Comfort with the ocean comes, with continued meetings

Until alas, young embrace the sea, with eager greetings

Their souls now soothed by ocean’s healing



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