Edu-PLAY-tion: Jump

via Daily Prompt: Jump

Sometime between the ages of 2 and 3, children discover the oh so fun movement of jumping. Parents are so excited when children attain developmental milestones. It lets them know their children are progressing on track. Jumping is one of those physical milestones. Adults eagerly hold the little hands of their children and smile pjbig as they say “One, two, three, JUMP!” Children go from jumping off of a barely raised ledge or step or sidewalk to jumping up and down on their own feet. The  dreaded jumping on the bed soon  follows as children discover the infinite fun associated with bouncing off of the surface as they jump. Now the bed is so much more fun than jumping on solid ground!

Why is jumping so much FUN? Jumping is ballistic and plyometric. It really gets the heart rate up! It is a natural movement that enhances cardiovascular health. It is a versatile activity! Children and adults alike can enjoy jumping.

Please Do (adults and children):

  • Jump rope!bj
  • Jump in a pile of leaves!
  • Long Jump!
  • High Jump!
  • Jump in a burlap bag race!
  • Box jump!
  • Jump on a trampoline!
  • Jump in a bouncy castle!
  • Jump into a ball pit!
  • Jump into the lake, the pool, the ocean!
  • Bungy Jump!
  • Jump in a puddle!
  • Jump off a log!
  • Jump squats!
  • Jump up!
  • Jump down!
  • Jump across! jl
  • Jump over!
  • Just go ahead and JUMP!

Jump for health! Jump for Joy! Jump start someone’s car! Jump out of bed, if not on it! Jump when I say Jump! Jump when you see a bug! Jump over the moon! Jump through hoops!

Please Don’t:

  • Jump to conclusions!
  • Jump down my throat!
  • Jump the line!
  • Jump from one subject to another!
  • Jump a train or a bus!
  • Jump a fence!
  • Jump off the deep end!
  • Jump bail!
  • Jump the gun!
  • Jump someone in an alley!

jrChallenge: Time yourself and see how long you can jump (rope) continuously. Have a jumping (rope) contest on your break at work. Try a Tabata Jump rope warm up – now there’s some heart pumping exercise! This is my typical warm-up before my boxing session begins!

Be creative and feel free to comment below on your favorite JUMP activity. Now let’s Jump to it People!!


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