Spiritual Development: Clearing the Clouds

storm cloudsIn light of the proliferative assaults against differing agents of society within the past several months, both here in the states, and across the world, I am compelled to share my feelings and views, if for no other reason than to heal my own soul and spirit. If you are family or a close friend reading this, then you know that I promote what I want to see in this world and try not to give attention to, nor feed any energy toward, what I do not like.

Additionally, as a beginning contemplator of the teachings of Buddha, and a somewhat long-term meditator of the teachings of Lao Tzu and Taoism, this post reflects the compassion and mindfulness of both philosophies. Thus, if one is looking for a rant, you will be disappointed. If one is looking for a solution, all I have to offer is my view of how I choose to interpret these events, how I understand the individuals committing these assaults, and how I choose to be part of the solution by doing my best to not contribute to the suffering, pain, anger, and proliferation of anguish in the world.

thFor me, I see myself as a divine being living a human experience, dim and rutted as that experience may be at times. In this light, it is my responsibility to continue to awaken and become enlightened to my utmost divine potential.

Here’s the thing though, I believe every human being is a divine being living a human experience. The problem is, as I see it, there are varying degrees of cloud cover within each of us that prevent our sun from shining. But the presence of clouds do not lessen the power of the sun, only obscure its light from shining.

So when one human assaults another, it isn’t because the individual lacks a sun, or divinity, or whatever term one cares to apply here. It is because there is so much cloud cover that the individual is unaware or unawaken to the presence of his/her sun. Clearing out our clouds is, then, the solution, as I see it.

However, it is a very difficult and painful process, once we become aware that the clouds even exist. I think some individuals have so much cloud cover that this is what they believe as normal. Every day of their life has been cloudy; downright dark; they know nothing else. This realization creates within me a deep sadness but also a desire to feel compassion. I am not making excuses for these individuals. If that is how I come across, I apologize.

2Each of us has a responsibility to clear our own clouds. However, understand that not all individuals will make this choice, for whatever reason. Hence, the suffering in this world. Hence Heaven and Hell both exist in the same world and both are here on Earth. It is our choice within which realm we live.

For me, frustration and sadness, suffering, come as a result of not being able to clear out anyone else’s clouds; I certainly would if I could. In fact I have tried. Here’s the rub though, when I try to clear out others clouds, suffering is the result from my failure to do so. The only person I can change is me. The only mind I can clean and clear is mine. It is the same for all of us. I can only work on clearing my own clouds.

The only real solution I can attempt to offer is this: do your best to clear away your own cloud cover so that your sun is able to shine as bright and powerful as it possibly can.

It is there, within you, waiting to shine upon the world. That is the beauty of divinity. I have chosen the one that speaks to me. Each of us has the power to choose our own path. Which one speaks to you? Walk it a bit and if it doesn’t feel right, choose another until you find your right path.

Perhaps one other solution is to teach children, from an early age, how to walk a right path, how to clear clouds as they appear, and how to discover the presence of their sun. Perhaps this is the greatest gift we can give them and give to our world. Maybe in so doing, the sun that dwells within each can begin to shine from birth and continue to shine bright and powerful, lessening the buildup of clouds in each of them.

Closing thought: I accept that there is suffering in this world but I have also chosen to do my best not to add to it. That is all I can do. That is enough. For if each of us makes the same choice, how magnificent the results!



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