Educate Children and So We Shall

c5e26e8fead182c2bf63ba7b51f3712cWelcome to ECEP, Early Childhood EduPLAYtion! It is my hope and aspiration that through this blog I am able to inspire, excite, re-energize, and educate parents, ECE (Early Childhood Education) professionals, and all other professional stakeholders working with and for young children birth through age 5 to rediscover, or possibly discover for the first time, the value that play, in its most spontaneous form, bestows upon young children. Play in nature will be a common theme.

Here we will learn, promote, and discuss relevant topics to Early Childhood Education (ECE). Content will be diverse and include reviews of books and professional journal articles, web sites, and other relevant resources, including their links for referencing. Original content will also be provided. It is my hope that this blog will inspire meaningful discussion among its followers, and provide a place where we can all learn alongside each other through mutual sharing of ideas, feedback, and practices.

My background in Early Childhood Education (ECE) includes, most recently, a BA in ECE Administration from Ashford University. I have held various positions within the operations of Early Childhood learning centers, both corporately owned and privately owned, ranging from teacher to center director. Playing an integral role in providing quality early education for young children is my passion. Formulating critical questions relating to quality improvement, investigating leading-edge approaches to delivering early childhood education, and championing innovative perspectives energizes my passion for this field.

Additionally, I have embarked on the journey of publishing my first children’s book, aimed for children ages birth to 5 years. I am anticipating a release date of January 2017. As all goes well on this journey, the publishing company has expressed interest in publishing a series of books under the current title On My Way to School Today. Updates on its progress will be posted here as well.




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